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Gaspar Sanz - Maricapalos

Gaspar Sanz - Maricapalos

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Gaspar Sanz - Maricapalos arranged for fingerstyle ukulele
  • Works as is for both Low G and High G*
  • Chord progression and ornaments added by Mustafa Kamaliddin
  • Listen to it here

* Transcribed from Sanz's third instructions book. This piece was composed for re-entrant guitar tuning (D string (4th) doubled in octaves. Meaning, when played on the ukulele, it works for both High and Low G. In the video I used low g but I tested it on high g tuning and it works fine. There are some phrases that don't work in both tunings but historically speaking, it is totally fine to hear those dissonances since musicians didn't always have properly strung/tuned instruments on hand and played the tabs as-is on their respective instruments

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